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Subject: documents and English test
When the principal applicant is requested by the Buffallo Visa office after around 7 months of AOR to take the English test does it mean that his/her application has been paper-screened and his/her documents are in proper order and complete except that the English test score is awaited?
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Taking the IELTS test will determine how many points will the IO give to the principal applicant in the language ability section. Its a long long long way my friend!
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What you describe means that CIC is pre-screening your application ahead of the IA, so when it comes to the initial assessment everything is complete and ready to be assessed/evaluated. You may be asked to provide more documents prior to your IA, and possibly more after your IA. Each request for a document means lost TIME, so I encourage everyone to provide everything when initially submitting the application, or if not possible then, to at least provide the remaining supporting documents between AOR and IA (like I did with hard-to-get university transcripts).

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