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Subject: sponsor questionnaire (imm5540) for spouse
  on the very last page, this form mentions the following:

"on a separate sheet of paper, provide any additional details of your current relationship that you believe would help prove your relationship is genuine and continuing"

are there any general guidelines to follow when writing this portion? one single typed paper? double spaced? i was told it should be 1.5 pages but i really dont know where these figures are coming from.

also what kind of pertinent information would they even be looking for on this separate paper?? do we include information about future plans and goals, why i chose to be married with them, reasons why you love them etc?

or are they going to be looking for more actual ´proof´ like my significant other is the sole benefactor of my life insurance, i purchased the wedding ring and heres a copy of the receipt, we have lived together for x amount of time and attached are the rent receipts etc etc?

i´m terribly confused as to how completely vague this question is. please help!!

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