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Subject: PPR Received
  I have received PPR for me and my family, my passport expires in 4 months.

1.) Should I apply for renewal of Indian passport before sending to Candadian Embassy?

2.) Can I send them my current passport expiring in April and will they stamp the visa on that passport.

Passport Renewal will take about 3 weeks.

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The answer is rather simple: If you plan to land before your passports expire, then you can renew your passport from Canada after your landing. If you do not plan to land before the expiration date, then hurry and renew your passports now.

Good Luck!


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Indian passport doesn´t take 3 weeks for renewal in Washington DC. Washington DC embassy renews in a few days.
Go in person rather than sending.

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Congrats Deepak!!! I don´t have my PPR letter with me at this time, but I am pretty sure the passports have to be valid for at least 6 months. Most countries have that rule. I made new passort in DC in a day. Renewal should be as fast or at the most a week. As Karthik suggested, go personally to the embassy closest to you and call them for renewal times.

Good Luck!


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I went to DC and got my passport renewed for 1 year after explaining them my genuine problem. thanks for the suggestion Roger / Kartik
Timeline between Medicals and PPR? (in reply to: PPR Received)
Hello Kartik,

I got my Medicals done in Feb last week, 2008. Just trying to get a grasp of how may months it took between the Medicals and the dtime you got your PPR. I´m assuming you had submitted all other docs in the interim.

Thank you.

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