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Subject: Grateful Thanks !!
  Today Jan 11, I have recd my immigrant visa valid until the date of my medicals.

I wish to thank everybody on this forum for all the timely help and valuable advises.

Further I want to wish people who have applied and waiting all the very best.It is just a matter of time and u´ll be there too.

My only suggestion to people applying is to do the IELTS seriously as it saves a lot of headache and they pretty much get the idea on the authenticity of your documents and also saves you from the interviews etc.However this may be only an observation as there must be vaious other factors too.

My timeline:

Applied @ Buffalo : July 2005
AOR : August 2005
Request for IELTS : Oct 2005
IELTS submitted : Decc 2005
IA : August 2006
Medicals : Nov 2006
PPR : Dec 22nd via phone / then letter
Passport sent : Dec 28 ,2006
Passport Recd : Jan 11th , 2007

Any landing specialists ?? Need to get a headstart...

I am Indian working in US.

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Congrats SK!!! :)

Best wishes and good luck in Canada!


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How did the PPR on the phone happen? Is that something they are currently doing or was it just in your case?


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