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Subject: GC vs PR
  I applied for canadian immigration way back in Jan 2005. In Dec 2006 I got PPR request(planing to send the passport in Feb 2007 through mail). At the same time, today I got my Green Card approval notice :)which I applied long back in April 2001. What should I do now? Can I go ahead and get the PR card, can I maintain both GC(6 months) and PR(6 months)in a year. Since oportunities are bright in USA can I abandon Canadian PR. I appreciate for you best inputs.
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It really depends on where you want to live the rest of your life, where you will have better opportunities and where you´d like to have your kids, grow them and then live a retired life. You can answer your own question in the best possible way.
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Is there any issue if Canadian PR is stamped on the passport, while you have applied for US GC?
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Yeah! Karthik raised a good point. Can we have both GC and PR at a time. Will there be a problem when we apply for US Citizenship or Canadian Citizenship ( ooooohHH after 3 or 5 yrs).
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No, there will be no problem as long as you are maintaining terms to hold on to both the residencies.

On a personal note, hold on to only one of them and have peace of mind.


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As far as I know, specially for USA, you can´t maintain PR for 2 different countries. If they can get you, the will immediately cancel your GC. So, Be aware.

Few days ago a lady told her expresssion here. She was entering US from Canada by driving with both PR/GC. USCIS officer asked her in which country she was currently residing. She unintentionally told Canada by a mistake. Then immediately they canceled her GC.

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Shah has a good point. It is necessary to weed out the flimsy opportunists as quickly as possible. I think both Canada and the US must make agreements to deport these kind of opportunists. In the end, all they deserve is probably a small chink of land to rest their body...
right man
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Right Man, As far as I know, Canada probably doesn´t mind about your having PR in other countries. But USA has clear law aganist it.

One of my friend (US GC holder) abonded his Canada PR application after knowing this for sure.

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Just to add that Canada accepts the U.S. green card in lieu of a passport for anyone entering from the U.S.

Also in deciding between the two, having universal medical coverage in Canada versus employer-only provided in the U.S should also be a factor.

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Richard, add cheap college education to that.

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