Some landing questions......please help

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Subject: Some landing questions......please help
  I am landing next week (flying into Toronto) and have a couple of questions:

1) How detailed does the Goods to Follow list have to be for personal items such as clothes and household kitchen items.

2) How long does it take to get the SIN (the card may take a few days, but do we get the number earlier)?



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1) The "Goods to Follow" list should be as detailed as possible, ..yet listing each shirt or pair of underwear would be an exageration, but you can list your clothes as "2 boxes of clothes", "1 box of shoes". Your kitchen item should also be bulk-listed for items like "kitchen utensils", "cutlery", china plates", but if you have a Kitchen Aid mixer, list it as such with its serial# and estimated value. Generally speaking, if an item has a serial number, list it separately. List computers and similar items only as "2 Personal Computers", do not give too many details as the installed software or something like that. Put all your movies in a box and list them as a "Box of DVD movies", or "37 movie DVDs". Have you ever done an inventory of your household? It is pretty much the same thing.. Go as detailed as you can, but do not list each pair of socks with serial numbers and estimated values :)

2) According to, "If your application and document(s) are in order, you will get a Social Insurance Number in one visit and receive your card within five working days."

Have fun compiling your big list! :)


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Thanks Uniden!!!

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