landing, regarding import money.

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Subject: landing, regarding import money.
  I will plan to land on next couple of weeks..
I have no good to follow, consider I have lived in Canada for more
than half deaced.

Questions for you guys.. how much money I could bring into Canada.
The reason why? I plan to borrow cash from my parents to buy a house after landing.

Could I land first and just transfer money later?
Of course I have to claim those amount eh?

departure bay
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You can bring into Canada any amount of money you wish, just let the officer know if you bring more than CDN $10,000.

You have to carry the settlement funds with you if you land from any country other than the US, I believe. If your money is in the US, just show proof in form of a bank statement, or a similar document attesting the existence of your funds.

Good Luck!


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I only have Canadian dollar and most of funds are locked in RRSP...
should be fine I guess.
I am currently living in Canada, the only way for me to land is to U-turn in U.S

departure bay
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..Just make sure that a U-turn is indeed allowed there, you don´t want to get a ticket from some grumpy American :)

Take a bank statement with you for your landing.

Congrats again, my friend!!!


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