Can I land by bicycle?

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Subject: Can I land by bicycle?
  quick question...Can I land by any port of entry?
I do not have any goods to follow or need bring anything into Canada,since I live in Canada for at least quarter of my life......

We have a custom port of entry just close to the ferry terminal on Delta B.C...

There is a isolated 200 aces land called "Points Robert", which is not attach to Mainland Washington, but they have Port of Entry over there....both U.S and Canada side..

Never heard anybody lands over there, could I still land over there??
Their office is as small as "Abu´s E Mart "....

One time I drove mistakly off border to U.S and U turn back without any ID, they let us in, even though I have no passport, no visa, just DL.

because everyday, tons of people drove past border into U.S without notice..
That´s how I found out this port of entry.
there is no line up, no nothing... officers seemed to be nice..

Wonder if they will have the form for me to land....
I gotta land by bicycle........

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try to phone and find out. I would try just for the heck of it. Landing by bicycle at Point Roberts will be a very fun chapter in your book! How many people can say they did it!!!!!!

I love the idea.

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I am confused. How could you apply under SKiled Worker from (in Canada)? and if it was allowed, why do you need to land from US on bicycle, foot or whatever?

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I applied thru Buffalo SW same as everyone here..therefore, I must activate my PR visa and COPR like you guys...

The idea of going thru point Robers is because it´s near and beside I have nothing to bring ,except wallet, cellphone, bicycle alone with me.

I gotta call Border service 1-800 make sure they have form for

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yes we know this but the Question remains: "How could you apply as SW from Buffalo while you have been in Canada? and even been working in Canada?

Your answer would certainly help others.


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why not?? Doesn´t make sense? I am on work permit,
oh, should say I was on work permit, they probably gotta take away my permit while I will land in Canada.where else I could apply SW if I live in Canada????
People like me currently working in Canada or have work permit already, still need apply thru Buffalo, doesn´t matter SW, PNP....

there is no"In-Canada" SW ,ok???
hopefully my answer makes sense...

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all work permit holders apply through Buffalo.
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You can walk in so ride your bike. Today in Toronto we had freezing rain and the streets were covered with sludge and I needed to break quickly so I could change lanes because someone was riding there bike in the tire spots through the rain/snow sludge mixture.

Go for it DB


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I think it is worth doing just so you can say you did! now the question is only about Point Roberts!
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worst comes with worst, they might re-direct me to Peace Arch, which is the closest one...but one what term?
You can´t refuse me to land...
I could land on any port of entry as I want, unless they admit that they are not "Port of Entry"? right?
no matter how small it is.. it´s "Port of Entry"...

Unless those "self-check in" one over Manitoba, then they can´t stamp my passport..

I am wondering how those school kids in Point Roberts go to highschool? there is no highschool there, do they need carry passports???????????????????????????

Oh... you guys should know that Point Roberts actually has 604 area code

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Dear DB,

I want to land on bike too. I am in Calgary. I have no car, no DL. So I wish to land on bicycle too, but the boarder is far off. Can anyone tell me how can I go to the border post and produce my documents to the immigration officer? I will be accompanied by my family (includes) a 10 yr old son. Can anyone advice me what mode of communication will be appropriate?