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Subject: Medical Roy Please Help

I did my medicals in June 2005. Then in November 2006 they asked me to do them again, and I did. Now I get a letter from them saying they
cant process my application further unless I do the medicals again.
The doctor assured me when I did them in November that I didn´t
have any problems.
Why would they ask me to do it a third time? They dont provide any
explanation as to why.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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you need to confirm that they got the new ones from 2006
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That´s what happened to us. After exactly 60 days from IA, they´re asking for another medical when in fact we did it after 3 weeks from IA. We verified thru the DMP and they said that the possibility of receiving it but NOT encoding it in their system might be the reason. Try to get any tracking number from your DMP. Goodluck
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