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Subject: Sponsoring Spouse and Finances
  I have a question about sponsoring my wife. Here is my situation.

I am a dual citizen of Canada and USA. My family moved to USA when I was young, and I am repatriating to Canada to start graduate education in Vancouver. This puts me in the category, "Canadian living exclusively abroad." This requires that I submit proof of a foreign address and proof of intent to repatriate, such as letter of acceptance to a Canadian university, job offer, or rental contract.

The thing I am not sure about is CIC`s judgement of our finances. If I am admitted to university, my wife will have to work to support us. We have adequate savings to live in Vancouver without earning more income for about 12 months (my estimate). I have never earned income in Canada, and thus have no Canadian tax record.

My questions are:
How does CIC evaluate our financial situation? If my wife has a job, and I a part time job while studying, and also considering our savings, will this provide CIC with a healthy financial picture? How much in savings would be *enough* to demonstrate this?

(I may be able to enlist the help of members of my Canadian-citizen, extended family to act as cosigners if our savings proves insufficient. How else might I improve our financial picture?)

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Income is not an issue when sponsoring a spouse or dependent child if that is your question.


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Roy is correct. For more information on income level requirements for Family Class sponsorships, and the exemptions available for those applying under spousal/common-law/dependent child, etc., category, see Sections 5.32-5.33 of the Family Class Processing Manual at this link:

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Great. That´s what I needed. Thank you.
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