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This may not be a relevant question in this forum. However, I am sure many would have gone through this and hence posting it here. Please let me know in case you have any information on this.

I would like to apply for H1 visa in 2007 quota. However, not sure if I am eligible. I was in USA on L1A and completed 7 years in July 2006. After that I moved to Canada in July 2006 end on a work permit. I heard that once you complete the maximum duration, you have to be out of USA for 365 days before you can apply again for H1 / L1. How this 365 days are calculated? A person has to be out of USA for 365 days before new H1 filing that is April 2007 or before issue of the H1 visa in Oct 2007.

Thanks for any information on this.

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Indeed, this is not just relevant, but also not in the area of expertise of the people in this forum.
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