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Subject: appeal approved - how long to visa processed
In September, we were given approval for the visa to be completed and now i wonder how long from the receipt of the written decision (Dec 4th)to the visa being complete and able to fly husband home from Morocco. our appeal was in Toronto. any idea

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his name is Matthew Jeffery and he is having a hard time getting information
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Karen your in the same boat as others here.

Your Legal counsel knows how to ascertain how long it will take. There are certain steps he and his staff should take to calm your concerns.

You left out if your appeal was won at the ADR alternate dispute resolution stage or you went to full appeal. Like any married couple they think we love each other and we have a license that should be enough.

I´m sure you found out that their are major diferences in the interpretation of your application with your husband being from Mars and you from Venus.

Simple little errors if enough add up to a refusal.

It would be good if you could share your experience with the process here and how your Legal counsel approached the process once you were refused. I for one would like to know.


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After the being refused our visa for not having a wedding party or consummating our marriage because my periods were on and a few things like a wrong date on my birthdate, I went to an ADR with a mediator and counsel for immigration where he came in with his mind made up and nothing i said or any evidence that i brought with me was not even looked at including letters that my husband sent to them. Again i was refused and told that I would never win the appeals hearing so I came home and discussed with my husband on the net as well as the phone and then emailed the mediator and asked him to book an appointment for appeals hearing which was Sept.18, 2006.
I went and hired Mr. Matthew Jeffery as my lawyer and together we prepared for the hearing by sending all correspondence, emails, letters, phone records i provided 2 years of evidence that we do have a relationship and he also prepared possible questions that he would ask us and some that would come from the counsel for immigration as I live in Northern Ontario this meant a long trip by car to Toronto again. On the day of the hearing , after watching the counsel for immigration come into the room with a notepad but no pen or our case file I got the immpression that he had not prepared for this one,the tribunal decided after i had answered many questions that I should have been granted a visa when we applied and so the papers are supposed to be in Rabat once again ----we think ----

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Have counsel contact CSIS to ascertain if your security clearance has even been applied for.

It is just a fax and you can do it yourself.


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What is a security clearance? papers were never sent to Rabat but immigration did call my husband today looking for email, phone number and address so they could send him his list of things that have to be updated.

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