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Subject: LOST VISA PICK UP LETTER-advice!!
  Hi guys
I wrote a week back trying to get a response...what is the best possible solution?
My common law did receive the VISA pick up letter but she misplaced it...!!!!
I promptly wrote to CIC asking for another one...as my deadline for pick up is very near and i only have a 3 day window perios to pick it up from the HONG KONG visa office...even if they resend i dont think it will get there in time
Has anyone had similar experiances where they have gone without the VISA PICK UP letter and explained and still got the visa?...
I know it was very careless and unfortunate but unintentional...
I hope the CIC is not cruel in denying me the visa, based on an innocent mishap...any advice..

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Just take your Passport with you and go to the embassy whose processing your application.

If you have to send it by mail, use a private currier (such as DHL or whatever you like) and send them a letter explaining your situation.

I don´t see a big problem not having your "Passport request letter".

Good luck

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yes hope so!!...am off tom to hk..wish me luck!
thanks guys

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