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Subject: About shipping from US to Canada
  Hello, guys,

I am going to move from US to Canada next month. It gives me a headache for moving my stuff.
1. Books. I have about two boxes(computer CPU box size) books. I heard UPS ground is the cheapest way. Do i need to pay tax or something when it arrives Vancouver?
2. Computer Devices. I have several PCs and Routers for my home computer lab for my personal use. I listed some of them in "goods to follow" when i did landing. For those not on the list, do i need to pay tax or something..They are old, but i still need them for the lab. What i should do. Also, is it matter how many boxes to carry those stuff?
3. Big stuff. I also have a couple big size stuff, which cannot put into box. Will UPS ship those stuff also?

Any advices will be appreciated!


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Your question is a little difficult to answer because you have not indicated under what status you are entitled to "move to Canada". If you´ve applied and been approved for Permanent Residency you will need to prepare an itemized list of the goods you are bringing with you to Canada when you land, including their approximate values. Listed valuables and electronics should include serial numbers - and don´t forget to include your car if you´re bringing it. (There is additional information required to export your car from the US and import it to Canada.) If you are not bringing everything with you at once you will also need a "Goods to Follow" list that itemizes everything you intend to ship or bring into Canada at a later date. Any/all of these items - as long as you have owned and used them for at least a year prior to bringing them into Canada - are exempt from duties tax. Anything you bring into Canada after you land that was not included on your "Goods to Follow" list will be taxed.

As far as shipping - UPS ground is probably the cheapest option, but it´s still expensive in my estimation.

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UPS is cheaper than FedEx or DHL. But cheapest thoough lengthy delivery will be USPS. USPS has restrictions on box size and weight.

For Big stuffs, have to contact with the couriers directly.

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Thank you guys for your experiences!

I already received Maple card. This time i will permanent move to Canada.

1. What about books? It should be no tax on it, right?
2. For electronic devices, such as personal printer, computers, which have been used about a year, but not in "goods to follow" list, how they estimate the tax? Based on new product price?
3. If i use UPS, will they ship the stuff to my address in Canada directly, or i have to pick them up in Canadian Custom?


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Not sure how they figure the tax - I´m sure someone here can tell you. We have things shipped to us here in Canada from family in the States all the time and they deliver direct to our home. UPS will require an inventory list for customs - with valuations again. I know shipping to the States you´re allowed $100 per person you´re shipping to, not sure what the limit is when shipping to Canada but I´m sure a phone call to UPS could provide you with the information.
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In my case, I shiped 5 big boxes (about 3´ each side) from USA to Canada by UPS ground (4 years ago). Those weren´t within goods to follow list. Took about 7/8 days. Yes, they were delivered at the door, pick up is not necessary unless you missed them. At the delivery, UPS will ask you for the Tax amount to pay before delivery. I didn´t provide any inventory or valuation, smart way to give that.

You may go to US site and get the rate.

I don´t know how Tax Canada determined the amount, I packed everything together in each boxes. FDor each boxes they charged me about 45-55 $. Probably based on weight. All of my items were used for sure.

When I did the opposite (from Canada to US), didn´t have to pay any tax.

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I will be moving pretty soon to canada.
At the port of entry in canada vancouver airport they are not processing Goods to follow list but was given a number to call when goods arrive.I do not have much stuff but I am defenietly going to move my car there.Is it a good idea to put everything in the car and move it there and the rest of the stuff put them in the boxes and get them via UPS.Please let me know.

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