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  I have posted this thread over a month ago but I guess it got lost in the archive. I am searching for some help about my case.

My PR case was rejected on the base of misrepresentation stating my experience is not true.
My question is that as my wife living in Canada on HRDC approved job. She has point to file application. Can my wife file immigration again as principal applicant, even though I have inadmissibility clause on because of my last application? My Inadmissibility clause is expiring early next year.

she had nothing to do with my experience and she qualifies under skilled worker cat. or she also have to wait two years to file.
I have attended the interview at buffalo where she rejected it. the whole story is like this.
After graduating in post secondary program I had one year work visa from a company to get Canadian experience. This visa was issued for specific location. But here the bad luck strike, 3 month after starting this job that specific location had been shut down. And my parental company moved me from Ottawa to Toronto. But due to lack of knowledge I didn?t change the condition on my work visa. And approximately another 4 month the whole company filled the bankrupts? and closed all the work. Don?t aware of the situation I looked for another work but unfortunately by the time another four month passed and my work visa expired. I filled my student again and got extension.
As I have good contact with the Managing director of that company who also was employee there. He gave me the reference letter for one year, on the latter head of the same location where I started working initially.

I used this reference letter with my application filled my immigration IN 2003 MAY GOT MED IN DEC 2005 WITH INTERVIEW REQUEST. I AATENDED the interview in march 2006 where officer disclosed that my location was closed this letter was issued, I tried to explain whole situation with all my tax file papers and other supporting but she was not convinced and she put the ban for two years under section40 for misrepresentation. I admitted that I made mistake but they should really consider the education background of the person. If I would knew about this I would filled my wife as principal applicant but that?s destiny

So now my concern can my spouse file immigration as she is on HRDC approved work permit? Or she should wait until this time frame is over

Need advice
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Is this Phil Mooney of One Stop Immigration?

just wondering.


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No Roy !
Need advice
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