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Subject: Family in different country.
I am in USA for more than 2 years. I applied for Immigration to Canada under Skilled Worker. My questions are :

1) My spouse and 2 kids under 15 years of age are in India. I included them all in my application because I am principal applicant. How their applications will be processed ? I applied at Buffalo in June 2004. Received AOR in July.

2) I am highly qualified and have 77 points. I am hoping to get Interview waiver. If at all I required for an interview, what will happen to my spouse ? Where spouse´s interview will be conducted?

Your reply will be highly appriciated


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If you mentioned all information about your family residence as you have explained here and just in case interview is needed; you can show up alone as you are the principal applicant and explain the situation. If needed they will organize interview for spouse in India. But looks with 77 points you will have waiver - however medicals will have to be done for all. You here and your spouse anc kids in India.
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