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Subject: Landing from US in Rental Car

I plan to land next month - crossing to Canada from US in a rental car.
Are there any issues if I use a rental car?

Are there any people in this forum who landed using a rental car?

Hoping to hear back.....


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I have read many times about people landing by rental car. For people who plan to land and return to the US soon after landing it is a convenient way to land.
I don´t remember anyone having a problem. As long as the rental company allows you take the rental car to Canada everything should be fine. Not good to do it without their permission.

Good Luck!

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Hi 2Canada:

I landed in October from the US in a rental car and didn´t have any major problems. The border agent did want to know why we didn´t have our own car, and the agents when we pulled into the immigration area were a little suspicious, but in all there was nothing to worry about. It is my understanding that unless you want to import your car at the time of landing, a rental is the only way to go (if you´re driving, obviously). Just be honest with everyone, and I´m sure you´ll be fine. Good luck with your landing! :)


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