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Subject: Dear : Roy
  Dear ROY

I need ur suggestions really confused

As one of my girl friend in Canada want to marry me and want me to visit Canada
How it could be possible to get a visit visa as we both want to spend some time and after one week we need to go for marry.

Is there any advantage to get a visa for me coz my sister is there as a Canadian immigrant

1. At the same time I can change my status as she is Canadian resident when I marry her

2. Or I need to back to my place (Middle East) and then she will send me spousal documents( how much time it will take)

3. It will effect on my PR processing as I got my AOR (File Number) or any way to speed up or they will cancel

What will be the best way?

Thanks for ur reply

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Dear Joe so formal LOL

The answer depends on your visa post in the middle east.
The other question is having control of your situation.

Getting married to increase processing times is not a valid reason to get married and you could get refused. It is the little things in a spousal sponsorship that shine through to prove the relationship is not bogus. Most people can bake a cake but it is the decoration and iceing that makes it that more appealing. The little things make a huge difference. Plus she is just (ONE OF MY GIRLFRIENDS)?

All processing times are in the quick links section of the main page of

I do understand your frustration because processing times of 80% of all cases from all visa posts went from 13 months in 1996 to 25 months in 1999 until now 65 months in 2007. I would suggest trying your best to get your Federal SW application switched to a PNP SW application instead and enjoy all of your other girlfriends now.


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