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  I am quite desperate.My medical report has been requested 3 months ago wich all results were fine including chest X -ray.After 3 weeks I got another request to do additional chest X -ray (this time radiologist has exposed me 4 times to X rays explaining me how 3 last were not good and I had to do over and over).Now Consular Ofice is asking me to do sputum analysis and another chest X ray in a month from now.I think this is all crazy because I am in perfect health and I never been exposed to TB infection in my life.Plus the sputum result will show true condition so why then I have to undergo another X ray radiation.Im more concerned about my health right now.All I wanna do Is work for a year and my employers are desparate as well since they waiting for me 7 month now.If anyone had similar experience like I do please reply to my message.Any suggestion will be great..Thanks!!!
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I had a similar problem. However; the medical institute itself requested additional X-Ray. Later it was found out that the lady who was taking the X-Ray did not take these properly. Anyway, I did take additional X-Ray as all doubts need to be cleared. So that you will have to take. But as in my case - when I expressed my discontent with me paying for this additional test; the clinic promptly refunded my money and apologized for their mistake made earlier. So please ask all questions at the clinic as to why you are being asked to take the test again. And if there is a resident doctor who will look at the test before it goes to outside verification to make sure right X-Ray is taken. I know this is frustrating in your case, at least in mine fault was caught early and clinic apologized and I did not have to wait 3 months like you.
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that is my wife case also. we did all our medicals last september, but my wife medical results were left behind until dec. 03 when she will take another x-ray and to find out the results of her cultured sputum, after 3 months when she did a sputum test as well as skin test which resulted negative. according to the medical clinic, that´s their sop, once they see that there´s a minor problem with the x-ray, even if you have no history of any lung desease, a sputum test is going to be required. initial sputum test results is just within a week, but culturing them will take another 3 months, so that´s the delay.
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I´d say - ask all details when you go for a re-test and make sure a resident doctor verify that it was not because of wrong X-Ray. In that case ask for a complete refund. They will if they fear you are going to complain.
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I want to thank everyone who has replied to my question.Im glad im not alone with this problem.:)I also have question for Mr.Sakuragi If my sputum test shows negative as in case with your wife showed ,does that mean that I passed medical?
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Hi, i would like to ask if there´s any problem with a bronchitis in applying work visa? tnx
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