am i going to get in trouble?

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Subject: am i going to get in trouble?
  I am going to visit my fiance the end of this month. but i have several nervous situation at the custom.

i applied for a working permit and was waiting for it beyond the exparationg day of my old visa. however, CIC told me that i was able to stay until i recieved the answer. so i stayed.
however, my application form was refused because of lack of HRDSC file number, which my employer could not get.

as a consequence of waiting for both result, which is working permit and HRDSC #, i stayed beyond the exparation day, as i mentioned already. but i did not get any Removal Order from CIC. CIC just said that my employer is responsible for HRDSC number. and i can ask further question to CIC.

i left the country about a week later without Restoration of the Status because CIC did not say anything. and i read the case if renewal of visa is refused, one need to leave Canada within 30 days.

from these things, when i re-enter canada, am i going to get any trouble at the custom?
i do not want the stuation to deported to my country...
please give me any advice, how i should talk at the custom etc...


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As I understand it, you left Canada within the allowed 30 days of your refusal letter, which should not constitute a problem. The above is based on my assumption that the 30-day rule you are mentioning really exists, but I do not have the knowledge to validate it.

Will you have trouble when you re-enter Canada?
It depends. What type of VALID Canadian visa do you have now? What is the undisputable proof to show a Canadian immigration official in support of your visit to Canada remaining of temporary nature? (i.e. Did you get a two-way ticket?) Saying that the purpose of your visit to Canada is to visit your fianc? will probably not support that..

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Did CIC gave you a volunteer departure order?
Usually you have to leave it at the airport or with DHS once you leave Canada.

What´s the reason of your visit?
If you over stayed in your previous visit (I would say you were in Canada more than 6 months) you have become a high-risk visitor and you could have a hard time demostrating that you want to visit Canada on temporary basis and if that´s the case more likely you will be refused of entry.

I would recommend you though, to find the way to get a work permit while you still outside of Canada and re-enter Canada on a work permit.

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thanks, Uniden.

it sound like i should not say that my purposeof my vistit to canada is to visit my fiance... i would like to stay for 6 month and i will have a twe-way ticket for sure.

do i need to ask my fiance to send me a refusal letter so that i can validate the 30 days rule? if not saying the purpose of my visit is to visiting my fiance, what kind of reason i can give to the Canadian immigration officer to prove my stay is temporary??

i really dont want to get refused to get into Canada...

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thanks Bill,

As i mentioned in my topics, CIC did NOT give me anything. when i had a working holiday visa during my formar visit. then i was trying to extend my stay.

To tell the truth, i talkied to CIC many times and i got adviced. i did everything what i adviced by CIC. and also, i made sure that if i need to restore my overstay statu or not. then CIC toold me that i cannot do only the restoration of my statu. i needed to apply for visitor record at the same time. or i can leave the country. so i left Canada.

this time, i would like to visit canada to visit my fiance. however, as Urden said visiting my fiance will not the good reason.

so i am very confused...

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