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Subject: Spouse sponsorship, help please.
  My wife went for the interview at a cnadian embassy. The person who was conducting the interview was not impressed and said that if she had the power to deny she would. The person who was conducting the interview said that there is not enough information proving our relationship is legit. Firs of all my pictures that I sent of the wedding were missing. Q What do I do? Why should me and my wife suffer because of someone loosing pictures, which were sent with the aplication? Secondly, I sent few letters that were written by my and my wife´ close friends and family. These letters were written tjo indicate that my and her friends and family know about our relationship, however the person conddacting the interview said that these letters proove nothing. Q Should have these letters been considedred by the interviewer?
The interviewer said that she will have to wait until the 21 of march of 2007 for the final decision to be maid. Q Is there anything I can do at this moment to proove that my relationship is genuine?
The intervewer asked her the name of the company I work for in Canada, she did not know the name of the jcompany, because I never mentioned it to her, however she knows what i am doing at the company. half of my close friends in canada do not know the name of the jcompany I work for? Does that mean they are not my friends. She was asked the last names of my friends in Canada, however in my phone conversations I never refered to my friends by their last names, when I talked about them to her. It is rude in my contry to refer to people by their last names. She knew however the first names of my friends, but she was really confused when the interviewer asked her the last names of my friends. I had a letter from the pastor of the curch where we were married. Well basically I need to know what to do. I am in panic. We were apart for 1.1/2. What should i do? help[

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There´s something you´re not telling us. Why would they ask for an interview in the first place? Not just because there were no family photos included. How long have you been together? Where are you and your wife from? How long have you been married? Clearly something in your application set off alarm bells, I didn´t include photos in my application and I was fine.
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Misha sorry to read this post!

Until a decison is made there is always time.

The key issue in any spousal application is the bond between the partners. First it is always better to colour copy photos for submission and take in the originals if called for an interview. Photos that show the two of you relaxed at home are super and get many when the two of you are not looking at the camera and having fun/laughing etc. This shows a bond between the two of you. Two people kissing at a wedding proves little.

In different cultures certain things are important and anyones work life is a big part of anyones life in any country.

By not knowing your friends names, your hobbies, likes and dislikes, company name etc will probably lead to a negative decision so you need to be prepared to retain someone to do a spousal appeal.

Any spousal appeal if prepared properly should be won at the ADR (alternate dispute resolution) stage. It will take the CBSA four months from the time you submit your appeal for them and CIC to create a record for the IAD Immigration Appeal Division. They will decide if your appeal will go to a full appeal or through a ADR process.

That is the time you need with your representative to create answers for all of the reasons for refusal.


I represented a client at a full appeal last week. The Canadian was introduced to his wife by his sister. The forms stated his spouse met his sister in 2002 but his wife stated at the interview that they had worked at a clothing store together in 1989. The husband used the words garmet shop when he testified the officer said that he did not know it was a clothing shop. This shows how rediculous some CBSA officers can be during an appeal. The husband claimed he lives alone in a house in Markham but when it came out he had tenants in the basement the CBSA officer accused my client of lieing!

The husband claimed his English was not good enough to fill in the forms so he hired someone to assist him. THAT IS NOT AN EXCUSE BECAUSE HE AND HIS WIFE SIGNED THE FORMS!



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Thank you for the info. Certanly some of the info is missing. I did not want to make the message too long. I just included basick info to introduce the issue. Let me know what info you need. I´ve known her just for three month. We are married for year and a half. Since 2005. She is from a troubled region of Russia, Chechnya. I do not know if that makes a difference. She came as a refugee to Russia, however she is a Russian citizen. I am Canadian citizen, came as a refugee from Russia in 1994, that´s when the war started. I sent some of the pictures of our wedding and other micelanious photos of us being together. Certanly I am preparing for the appeal, even though the final decision has not been made yet. There is still hope that it will be positive. Nevertheless wnat I would like to know, What can I do at this moment to help immigration, to understand that my marriage is genuine." Someone told me that, at this moment I can do nothing. Should i fly to Moscow and go to the embasy? If it will make a difference I will do that. Is that a smurt idea? Will it make a difference? Will they talk to me? May be I can contact some official and explain the situation. Basically what I can do, to improve situation, while there is still time. I sent personal letter to the embassy and included some letters from friends which indicate that they´ve seen my wedding pictures, that they phone on my wedding day to Russia to congratulate me, that they´ve talked to my wife over the phone, and that they heard me talking constantly about her, and that I am waiting for her. She also submitted some of the pictures and included her personal letter. thank you very much for your consern and help.
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