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Subject: Change address for contact/remove representative
  Hello all,

I have been going thru this forum, and found it extremely helpful. Appreciate the efforts of all contributors for maintaining such a rich source of information for canadian aspirants.

I have few questions. here is my situation.

Myself, spouse and 1 baby, received our interview waiver as well as medical request in feb 2007. Completed our medicals last week.

I applied thru an agency and I now I need to add my new born baby. Agency is asking me 300 USD!!

So I decided to do it myself. But my concern is, even if I sent it myself, the consulate will respond back with medical papers to the agency only, as I have submitted them as my representatives, and all communication till date was thru them.

1. How can I let the consulate know that, for all further communications contact me directly ? IS there any form for that ? can I do it online at CIC website ? OR, Should I choose to continue using agency for communication, but just send baby´s documents by myself. Has anyone did this (eliminate the middle man in between the process ) earlier. Won´t that give a negative impression about us, to consulate ? Please advice.

2. I was searching this forum and noticed that new born baby´s passport (copy) also has to be sent along with the documents ? Is it ok, to sent passport later ? (we just applied last week ).

Thanks much for your time.

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to add/remove representative.
2. You can just inform CIC of you situation and inform them that you are going to send it later.

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