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Subject: Landing completed
  Hi All,

I completed my landing process in Canada; I flew, the whole process was a breeze and it took less than 5 minutes.

The few things that I notices about Canada, very laid back attitude, relaxed and helpful people.I talked to many people there to get an idea about my new home, they all seem to agree that Canada is a good country to live but they pay is less as compared to that in US, and some of them especially young people even expressed the desire to be able to move to the U.S.A becuause they feel U.S has more opportunities [common sense it has ten times more people, so ten times more opportunities.]

Well, I am back in the U.S continuing with the same job, I have an interview lined up in Toronto next month, if everything works out well I plan to move to Canada permanently during the summer.

Thanks to all for your help. Richard, I hope all is well with you.
Please let me know if anyone has any questions.

-Take care

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As far as I know, India´s population is about three times higher than the US population.

According to your "formula", the amount of opportunities is directly proportional to a country´s population.

Should I try to settle in India because it has more opportunities? :)

How about China?

I´m just kidding! :)

Good to hear your landing went well, and that you have a good first impression about Canada. I look forward to moving there myself some day..

Good Luck! :)

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I hope you will have a lasting good impression about Canada. Let us know how long you had to wait after your FBI clearance and if you were asked to submit more documents after your FBI clearance...:)
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Congratulations, Brian. Glad to hear all went well. Welcome to Canada.
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I am on the Canada to complete my PR formalities.
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Hopeful: After medicals it took three months to get the passport request.

Uniden: I know you were kidding, but I was just comparing the developed nations. India has a long way to come up to the level of USA or Canada. Even though we keep hearing news about India and China rising there are many inherent problems that would prevent these countries from being classified as developed nations for a very long time or may be never.

Richard: Thanks

Yes, I will keep you all posted and good luck to all of you.


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Thanks B
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