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Subject: Inland application
You did a great thing that created this forum! I´m from Israel.Fortunately,Israeli citizens are able to enter Canada without visa. I´m planing to come as a tourist and get married one Israeli-Canadian woman in Toronto.As I understood from the posts on this forum,approval in principal would take more than 8 months.I can stay in Canada 6 month legally.If I´m going to make inland application need I apply for extention of my stay in Canada or just simply exit for 3 daysto US and re-entry for additional 6 months.If I have already applied under the Skilled professiona

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I continue my previous post because my cellphone browser didn´t allow to do it.
The 2nd question is that if I have already applied under the Skilled professional category in the past,in 2000,and was refused,would this fact have any bad influence on my current application under the Family class??
Thank you in advance

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1) you can extend your stay inland by submitting a form a few months before the end. Reentering is a bit dodgy as they might not let you in if they know the story.

2) It shouldn´t have an effect as long as you meet the family class criteria and if they ask you your background, tell them you were refused.

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Before 6 months you may apply for an extention as a visitor.

If you leave Canada for 3 days, to the US for example, more likely they won´t let you back in.

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