Critique of Sharon's comment on Guest Wrkrs Family

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Subject: Critique of Sharon's comment on Guest Wrkrs Family

Your view may be a bit conservative. Look it like this. You parents raise you and get you going to do well in life. Coming abroad to work is a big deal in some countries. More than money it is a matter of pride. Sort of saying; you have made it above the ranks. For seeing your family members come visit you to share some days together should not be a big deal.

Even you should know that most immigrants from India - don?t believe in charity work. It is considered a matter of shame to accept one. In all places they have gone; they abide by law; work hard; and don?t claim govt. benefits unless they have to (unlike we all know from some other ethnic backgrounds). So why do you say something as weird as deportation for an Indian old women who?d be just want to be with her family.

So please exercise caution and don?t mix apples and oranges. Remember what the views of an individual Canadian is - translates as a cumulative opinion of the entire country soon. I?m not criticizing your opinion - you have a right to it. All I request is that you should begin making objective opinions about immigrants. I believe you are trying to have your future spouse immigrated from a nation come under a high security alert. If few Canadians would begin making a big deal about immigrants from those countries ? soon others who know nothing about it will also just go with the flow and before you know it will translate as a unsaid rule down the ranks of immigration authorities making it difficult for anyone to immigrate from that nation.

And your finger at U.S. is wrong. U.S. believes very strongly in family ties. As far as I know; all foreign workers in the U.S. who invited their parents to visit them have been granted a 10 year visas for their parents.

The 30 day rule of U.S.? I mean what is the point of bringing that up? Of course as a temporary worker (not permanent residence). If you loose a job ? why should you be allowed to stay? You are coming in as a guest worker ? if you are not then you must return. However, we are not discussing that on this thread ? so don?t confuse the topic nor try inducing fear amongst readers about a good guest worker program of the U.S.

We are discussing about allowing family members of guest workers in Canada to visit them ? not the 30 day rule for guest workers to return from the U.S.

I always value your advice and comments on this forum and read as many as I can ? they have been very objective and thought provoking. But here I got a feeling of racial prejudice and I feel my duty to strongly oppose it and correct you on your comments. Again; I deeply admire your contribution to the forum and can?t see where the direction of this forum would be without your contribution. However; it pains me at your remarks.

I feel deportation is not the issue; the issue is the fear of burden on medical system. Well for that visitors who are granted visa should be subjected to purchasing medical insurance; sponsorship - undertaking from person inviting you; confirmed return ticket; and enough funds for your trip; and proof of ties back home.

I?m fair myself and I believe in the saying "permanent residence if a privilege and not a right"; if you are invited to stay - yes it?s an honor but if not well you must respect law of each country.

I hope we all keep our views objective.

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I am for objective thinking. As I have already replied in your other posting, I gave no consideration to the nationality of the person who made the post. I did not even look at his name.

The purpose of my post and other postings at times, is to offer ´the other perspective´. You are right, my fiance comes from a high security alert country. I know what we have gone through in our multiple attempts to have him come visit. I have done everything short of giving the government title to my house as security. I have read the CIC operational manuals and procedural manuals 20 times on this subject because I want a positive solution.

The goal of our temporary worker is honourable. I cannot find information about his wife and if he can bring her for a visit. He is talking sponsorship. The same for his mother. The rules are very clear, no matter how honourable his intentions, he is simply not allowed to invite his mother for a visit. He is not a PR or citizen. If she can come as a visitor on her own merits, or someone else can issue an invitation then she is OK.

One of the problems we face in this forum is to see immigration and the CIC rules, waits, etc. from a very passionate perspective. We are all waiting, hoping, wanting, dreaming. I must admit that sometimes I become frustrated at people´s unwillingness to understand process, law and realities within Canada because they often run contrary to the desires of our posters.

I knew someone would jump all over me with my posting. Thank you for being polite in your rebuke. I do not mind someone saying they do not agree with me as long as it is thought out and constructive. I hope for the same respect when I do not say the popular thing.

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There you go Sharon- you´re self-righteousness hits you back...WHAM!
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dear anonymous:

I was not offended by Digshai´s comments whatsoever. He thought about what he wanted to say and presented an intelligent comment that I was happy to accept. Wish I could say the same about yours.

As a Canadian you will be expected to understand that a difference of opinion does not make someone the enemy. In Canada, a difference of opinion is allowed, accepted and respected. If that is difficult for you, you might want to reconsider your immigration plans.

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If you have nothing to contribute get your ass out of this forum. Sharon is simply the best contributor to questions asked. Her views my be different from others, but she never offends people.

Lovable, Get the hell out of here!!!!!

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Ozz, u are no better. U contradict yourself more often than I can count. One post u´re defending Sharon. Another u are giving her shit.
For Ozzy.... (in reply to: Critique of Sharon's comment on Guest Wrkrs Family)
Do you know Ozzy?? You are as vulgar as me and first of all learn how to write in english....
I hope you rot in hell....

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Help me out. Just what is it that I do or say that is so offensive? What gives you the right to insult me. What did I do to you to deserve such abuse? If you could look me in the eye would you behave this way? Is your behaviour an example of how you think you can behave in Canada? - if so...stay home.

The request and instructions for this forum is to answer a question when you can. I do that. I have posted 3 questions in the last several weeks that have resulted in 4 replies. They were straight forward questions that someone should have had prior experience with. That a rather sad statement about reciprocal efforts here. It is easy for you to be rude and insulting but you can´t be bothered to help me with my own questions.

For what I get out of this forum, it is not worth the personal abuse.

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I often agree and disagree with Sharon. There is nothing wrong with that. She sometimes is right and sometimes she is not, as we all know. However, if her comments sometimes are not what people want to hear, that does not give the right to say nasty things to her.

I am against anybody who insults this woman because she is simply the best contributor to all the discussions in this forum!

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Hey Ozz, so you are Sharon´s knight in shining armor. Do you look like Shrek too?
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Hey Ozz...
I don´t know about you but I sure do not need this shit and abuse. You are almost at the end and I highly doubt these guys have anything to offer you at this point. Anything I need to know I can find out for myself.

I hope you get that visitors visa and that the PR comes through real soon. You are a class act and I am sure everything will go well. My best to you and your family.

I am gone.