Need advise what they mean

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Subject: Need advise what they mean
  To Bill, Uniden

I got an email from Seattle office on Feb 15, 2007 about my staus of the application. Here what they say "Your background checks expired and it?s with the Consul for updates". Can anyone advise what do they mean by this and how much time need to wait untill they request the passport.? My medicals expire on Aug 12, 2007.

I have already given the updated FBI checks as requested by them in Dec 2006. My time line is

Applied as Federal skilled
AOR: June 15, 2005
Sent to Seattle office: June 23, 2006
Requested to do again FBI check, Medicals, pay Landing fees: July 2006
Medicals done: Aug 12, 2007
Received for FBI check certification: Dec 2006
Sent the FBI check, landing fees: Jan 2007
Sent an email to Seattle office for status update on: Feb 15, 2007
Got reply as indicated above and waiting....

Is somebody received such response? Would appreciate your response.


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