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I need some help. I would like to migrate to Canada in the next few months.I just need a few pointers, I would also like to migrate with my boyfriend. We are in a defacto relationship but we do not live together all the time. He is currently living with his 2 best friends for house contractual issues. We have been together about 2 years. I can go over on a family visa because my brother and sister are Candian residents. However I am not sure, which visa he can go on, because he does not have enough points for the migrant skilled worker program. What can we do is there a way to get a defacto visa for him even though I would be on the Family visa?

We are also not sure what kind of proof we would need to provide to prove that we are indeed in a defacto relationship, because we do not own anything jointly. The furniture is rentals. He does however provide for my upkeep on a weekly basis. Can anyone help me?

I would need to make it work in about 3 months,


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1- Your brother and sister in Canada will help with your points as skill worker but they CANNOT sponsor you to come to Canada.

2-If your boyfriend doesn´t qualify for Skill worker, how about you, do think that you may qualify?

3-If you are not in a common law relationship nor married, it will be really hard to include him in the application even if you qualify as such.

And it WON´T HAPPEN in three months, it will take longer depending of the country where you live.

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wow takes a long while, thanks for the response, well at the moment I am living in the United Kingdom, not sure for how much longer.

I thought that it was possible accorsing to the literature that I have read I thought that they could. I will check to see if I have enough points to qualify for a skilleg worker.

Thanks, if I do not find what I am looking for chances are I shall be back, many thanks

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as a skilled migrant worker how does that work if you are going over with your partner. Would we also have to apply for the defacto spouse visa?
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hmmmmm I can go over as a migrant skilled worker i have enough points to do that. My boyfriend can go on a working visa, I think that would work better, then after his year is up, would it be possible to put him on my visa because we will be living together in canada. Not the situation that we are in at the moment. Would that at all be possible oor not?
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