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Subject: Arranged Employment

I have applied for P.R. with my wife from Buffalo in June 2006.
I am on IT work permit and company is ready for Arranged Employment for me.
-Will it speed up the process of my P.R.?
-How fast it will speed up(approx)..?
-How long Arrangement Employment takes..?


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Dave, I´m not sure if anyone is gonna answer out here. Check this site out all the best
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Of course it would speed things up because you have just improved your establishment points by having arranged employment. Having a LMO in an occupation you do not have the credentials for will hurt your application.

R U one of the top seven IT occupations? Then no HRSDC would be required so you should be able to save time and money.


Thanx roy (in reply to: Arranged Employment)
Hi Roy,

Thank you very much for your advice. Right now my IT work permit is in process and they have transferred my file to local office, i don´t how much time it will take now. I wanna find out can i work for the company who has offered me an IT work permit ?

Interview Help... (in reply to: Arranged Employment)
Thank you guys, i received my IT work permit along with my wife´s open work permit. I have updated the documents to Immigration, they have called me for the interview. I am little bit scared. As my file was refused before due to lack of points.
Any help for immigration visa interview.. What is the success ratio or chances to get through Immigration Interview..?

This discussion forum always helps...


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