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Subject: Go thru Marriage or Employment
  I met my same sex partner for over a year now. I am planning to come to Canada in 2 years later to join my companion. I have a couple of questions to ask here as far as for me staying in Canada and work there:

1) I am a US citizen and my same sex partner is Canadian citizen. We do not want to get married in order for me to stay in Canada. So can we file conjugal partner? If so, how to prove that? Since US does not allow same sex marriage, is it enough evidence?

2) If we file common law partner, we have to prove that we are living together for at least 1 year continuously. I am more than happy to do that. However, I am worried about sitting home for 1 year, then get married, and wait for another 8-9 months for sponsorship. If we go through this route, I will be jobless for almost 2 years? Most companies do not want to see anybody stay jobless for 2 years. What can I do in this situation?

3) I am an IT skilled worker. I have the score of 77 for my skill self-assessment. Will the immigration grant me to work in Canada without any offer letter? How long will the process take?

I really do not want to be jobless for a long period of time because I would like to support my partner financially and give a comfortable life to both of us.

Thanks a lot.

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Guest168: Here´s a good site that might help answer some of your questions:http://www.borderconnections.com/same-sex-immigration.html
I am also in same sex relationship. However my circumstances is different from yours. My partner is American Citizen, I am not. We applied as common law partner and provided the embassy with lots of proof of our relationship. 1.e., joint bank accounts, utilitiy bills, pictures, letters from friends and families. We applied March 2005 and as of March 24, 2007 we recieved a letter from Detroit Consulate about the issuance of our permanent residence visa/passport request. It takes a lot of papers to process the application but if you do it accordingly it will be fine.
The website I mentioned is a good source of information.
It takes time of the appliction to be approved so you don´t need to ´sitting home for a year.´ You just have to follow and submit the documents needed whatever route you choose and wait for further instructions from the embassy.
Goodluck to you and your partner.

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JM, I am happy to hear your good news! Actually I am confused between same-sex partner as a spouse and common-law partner. Does common-law partner require marriage ceremony & certificate?

JM, may I ask you a question? When you apply for common law partner, it has to show that you are living with your partner for a year. So if one is in US and the other is in Canada, how to prove that? And during those 2 years that you are waiting, you are actually working? Is it in Canada or US? Sorry if I have too many questions.

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