Help me understand the flow for PR app pls?

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Subject: Help me understand the flow for PR app pls?
  Hi all.

I hope someone can help me understand the proces flow for PR applications (federal skilled worker).

According to my birth country I needed to apply to the Vienna office (Austria). I applied at the beginning of September 2006, just after the simplified process started.

I received the AOR few weeks later, dated 15 Sep 2006. The e-CAS status of the application just says ´We started processing your application on 15 Sep 2006´.

I believe the next step is to receive a letter with a list of documents to send, after that medicals, etc...

I know it has been short time since I applied (especially compared to some posts here), but here is my ´problem´:

On the CIC website, under the application processing times, they claim the Vienna office FINALIZES 30% cases in 6 months, 50% in 9 months.

And that´s for finalizing, not just for receiving the letter requesting documents.

It has been full 6 months since I applied and I still haven´t heard anything. I understand that applications can last well beyond 18-24 months etc but I find the CIC information in contradiction.

Can someone with more experience/knowledge make any sense from this? Can I correctly assume I should have received that letter within 6 months since they claim they finalize 30% cases in 6 months and 50% in 9 months (and I still have a lot of the procedure left after receiving the letter requesting documents)???

I mean 50% is not a small number, that´s half applications. :)

Any help/explanation is welcomed. Thank you.


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In your AOR it states there the processing time of your application so you better believe it.....It´s confusing if you look in general the Vienna office processing time because they are handling volumes of application so obviously with different timetables and cases of each application...In my case I applied last July 2006 at Vienna office and in my aor says have to wait 12 mos. or more but last week I have my IA and asked for some additional documents...
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