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Subject: Comparisons !!
  Hi guys,

Though US and Canada are two sides of the same coin let us do a small comparison between US and Canada vis a vis day to day life for an average person.

1)Living Cost
2)Affordability with what u earn ( cost of living )
3)Safety / Sorrounding / Atmosphere
4)Lifestyle / Entertaintment
5)Easiness is getting a regular/min wage job
6)High Profile salaries if u make it/ Taxes
5)Setting up own business

I think snow is a major difference so let´s elimnate this and discuss a US city with Vancouver.

Bring in yr inputs so that all on the forum are aware what the stakes are or what are we geting into.

Lastly is life in yr home country say India better than both the above esp with drastic changes been made in our part of the world.

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Will be more than happy to assist you (in a form of suggestion)regarding Immigration issues, questions and aswers.

The reason behind this forum in my opinion is to support people who "wants", "have been" or is going through an Immigration process.
Not international politics.

Make a decision about what you are looking for in a country and your reasons to leave your own.

Both countries have their own charm and all depends from your point of view.

I am a proud Canadian.

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Bill Thanks for yr inputs.

I feel this post is related to immigration and will assist people contemplating to immigrate.

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I have to disagree with Bill. This board is about immigration to Canada from all aspects. It´s healthy and helpful to discuss and compare the pluses and minuses of Canada immigration versus to other countries.

Afterall, immigrating to another country is a big decsion in one´s life, and many make the mistake of immigrating to a country without completely understanding the consequences of the lifestyle there.

In addition, it keeps this board more intersting, rather than just answering questions about dry facts such as what forms to fill out, what publications to read, what the latest ecas status may mean, etc.

So my vote is let´s compare and discuss. We live life and should talk about it. I´ll give my input shortly.

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My Vote:
1. Living Cost- It must depends on income level, as an example, in my own country, you can rent a fancy big house for 300$ a month. That doesn´t mean it is cheap. However, to me, Considering income level US is less expensive unless you don´t live in NY or CA bay area type locality. Gas price, Auto Insurance (now I pay 1/6th that I used to pay in Canada), most commodities are less expensive in the USA.

2. Safety- Statiistically, definitely Canada is the safer place. BUT, again, in US also there are many places (at least till now I´ve been living) are safer than the place I used to live in Canada.

3. Lifestyle/Entertainment- Definitely USA.

4. JOB - This is the single reason why USA can be chosen instead of Canada. There mustn´t be any argument on it. This is the single most factor that can eliminate all of the good sides of Canada, particularly for an educated immigrant. If I don´t have a job with University degree then so called free health care means very little to me. Consider a big number, when it is multiplied by 0, it doesn´t mean any thing. it is a common believe that USA has less tax; yes, tax is less. But they deduct more for social security (off course you´ll get more in retired age), also even paid by employers, you have to pay a good chunk for health insurance. So salary deduction overall is not very low in US either. However, sales tax in US is about half of Canada.

5. Setting up Own Business: Not 100% sure, as never did any business or tried to. But have a very strong feeling, USA. In Canada, another thing I didn´t like is the complex bureacratic system. I found even difficulty in renting my Apt...getting car insurance..everything. Customer service is very poor.

6. Travelling- Definitely USA. If you can, try to count % of American visits Canada and Canadian visits USA. In winter, I used to see cars from ON, PQ, BC,AB...everyhwere in FL. However, specially in the south, I met many Amercians who didn´t visit Canada for a single time.

I think another point must be considered here, that is IMMIGRATION- In this respect, Canada is better with almost guranteed PR.In US, it is very hard. Possible though with time.

Above are all based on my own experiences. May not be always true. It is always best to study well by yourself considering your own condition. Everyone has different views and scenario. Once I did that mistake and lost some valuable time from life while decided to settle in Canada instead of US.

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As a categories, I would add:

1) Access to affordable health care, government assistance in time of crises (social safety net).

2) Social atmosphere - how people get along and relate to each other.

These and other factors are more of how you feel and relate in society. The 6 catagories listed are more material and consumption related. And those are not the only reasons for moving to Canada.

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Shah,Richard,Bill Thanks for yr inputs.

Shah u´ve hit the nail on the head..."Canada is better with almost guranteed PR.In US, it is very hard. Possible though with time...."

This itself is one of the biggest reason since one wants/needs to have a certainity in life.Currently US immigration system is on standstill with no gc for asians due to backlog...i don´t know if this done on purpose to have more h1-b skilled labor filing and migrating to canada.
us and canada are known to work together for each other´s benefits..i mean they are no india and pak who are at each other´s thoat.

lifestyle wise i think both shoudlbe same.

bottomline is if u have money and live comfortable any place in the world is heaven.

what say guys...

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Though I´m a victim also; but I would support US stringent immigration policy overall. To me, that clearly tells that US Govt. cares for their citizens right more than the Canadian Govt. Why would I bring unnecessary competitions? Result is what is the common story in Canada. Qualified highly skilled guys have to accpet menial jobs and frustrated life. Just a little background of mine, with US and Canadian Masters (from their best U of T) I was not able to find a job in my field.

I would rather wait to have my GC processing for 10 years rather than the easy Canadian immigration trap. Virtually I don´t have any problem in waiting.

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The US is a better place....but more difficult for skilled workers as the skilled american workforce is proteceted by making sure skilled workers are prevented from immigrating easily to keep wages high. However, the immigration channels (leal, illegal) are left open for unskilled immigrants to take advantage of them and keep the wealthy richer in america. The family-based and illegal immigration favoritism by the US govt places emphasis on exploiting rather then adding value. On the long-run, the unskilled workers cost america more money as they add less value and give americans a FALSE LIFE (e.g, no american will do that dirty job). Canada Immigration is more human but Canada´s size and capacity is not commensurate with the aspirations of the skilled immigrant.

With a choice, I will prefer to immigrate to the USA so as to benefit, like most americans, from the exploitation of its illegal immigration population (mexicans mostly) who deliver cheap labor for housing and all other facets. This, afterall, is one of the gains of transform ur wealth status.

However, if ur immigrating purpose is to live in a meager way, surround urself with slow, human-centric people.....then Canada is for u

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