Attaining a Work Visa/Green Card.

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Subject: Attaining a Work Visa/Green Card.
  I am a Canadian singer/songwriter attempting to launch my career in the United States. I have the interest, the investors, the fanbase and the support in Dallas, TX. to lay a solid foundation for an international music career in the United States, but it has become clear to me that I need to establish myself in the Dallas area in order to really make my career work. The suggestion from my American friends/investors is to find a job in Dallas and move there, but of course, the process is not so simple. My options appear to be these:

1. Attain a work visa.

2. Attain a Religious Visa (I have worked as a Church Music Director before).

A 3rd option recently suggested to me is to launch a Canadian business and incorporate a leg of that business into the United States. I was told that no visa is required to do this and I can legally work in the United States under my own company name. Is this a feasible option for me and, if so, how do I go about accomplishing this?

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Legally working in USA as an alien is not easy. I´m not sure how easy your 3rd option would be. You better speak with an attorney. It may be possible, but you have to establish good bisness there too.

In any case, as a student. ..tourists...religious are not entitled to work in US.

You may look for someone who can hire you and sponsor you for H-1 or something like you if possible.

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Uh, Myra, this is a forum for people wanting to emigrate to Canada, not the US. It is unlikely many people will be able to help, sorry.
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