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Subject: Spouse or Common Law Partner?
Is there a difference between a spouse and common law partner? Can same sex marriage be considered as spousal sponsorship (I mean not common law partner)? And can 2 people meet and get married right away without living for one year continuously?
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What is reguired is two pieces of ID and two consenting adults to marry---PERIOD

Why would someone get married ten seconds after meeting another???? To each their own decision is theres.

Proving that type os spousal sponsorship will be difficult.


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Here´s a good site that might help your questions:http://www.borderconnections.com/same-sex-immigration.html
My partner and I applied as common law patner in March 2005. He is an American citizen. I am not. I overstayed my visa here in the states. Yet, our application is approved. We received a letter from the Detroit Consulate the other day 03/24/07 for visa issuance/passport request. We did not provide marriage license, just proofs of our relationship i.e., joint bank accounts, utility bills, pictures and letters.
The website that I refer you is a good source of information regarding same sex application questions to Canada.

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Roy, it´s a long distance relationship. You can´t just give up the place where you grow up with and earn a living. But one day when we decide we are right for each other, one of us will have to move.

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