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Subject: ielts
I?m nervous; my IELTS will be on 31st of March.
I did what I can but still worried.

Please shear your experience.


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sorry !!!
share .

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Don?t be nervous. Be cool .Concentrate on listening. You will be having very less time and it is not repeatable .if you do listening good you can do the remaining reading, writing and speaking easily. Best of luck
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IELTS is an aptitude test. There is no pass or fail on the test. Besides, you cannot "prepare" for it. It tests the language skills you acquired over its usage in your lifetime.
Dont worry. If you think you know English, you will do well. But I would suggest a lot of reading. Reading is the most boring part of the test and it could test your patience. It is time consuming and you cant escape reading topics which you wish did not exist.
If your mother tongue is English with a different accent, dont try to immitate the Canadian accent. Be yourself.
You will be asked to choose a topic of your interest and speak for about a minute on it. Choose a topic before you go to the test and if you wish, write a few but interesting points on the issue for your review and preparation. You can prepare the speaking as for a presentation.
Write a few sentences on any topic and check for your grammer... you will improve written skills if you lack.

If you understand everything I wrote, you will do well ;)

Good Luck!

I have a life...
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I read many topics and tried to answer all the types of questions included, I wrote many letters just for practice along with different kinds of essay. I?m concentrating on listening in addition to preparing a presentation as a speaking part of the test but the thing makes me nervous is the feeling of I?m going under a test to examine my language skills. I?m thinking a lot of the grammatical mistakes during speech.
If you ask me I will prefer to talk with the examiner on a caf?, I think I will get the maximum score just because things will go on nature.

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While speaking, just be yourself. Dont think of him/her as an examiner. Think as if you are talking to a stranger who you just met.

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