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Subject: Visit to Qu?bec
  I´m expecting a PR stamping in Feb 2005. I may have to visit Montreal - Qu?bec for a conference in May 2005. Do I have to make a trip to another place for visa stamping or can I visit Montreal on a visit visa before the PR stamping?
I know for sure that I can´t get a PR stamp in Qu?bec.

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Once you land in Canada, you can travel anywhere in Canada, INCLUDING QUEBEC, without absolutely anything (no special visa). But at the beginning at least, you cannot ESTABLISH AND LIVE PERMANENTLY in Quebec. You can later, but I don´t know exactly when.

Good luck in your new country.

Less worried husband
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I would like to know indeed after how long I can move to Montreal. I am in the US right now, moving to either BC or ON but goal is to move to Montreal. Any idea on when I can move there once I am established in Canada?
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I think we might have it reversed. If you have a Quebec selection immigration you are obligated to settle in Quebec. (I cannot recall what the required stay is). If you are coming to Canada on a general PR you are free to settle in any province that you choose - including Quebec.
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The province of Quebec has the right to choose its own immigrants. This is why, if you want to establish in Quebec, you MUST have a Quebec Selection Certificate before beginning the immigration processing with the Canadian Government.

So the Quebec´s rules and the Canada´s rules are different. This is why if you are chosen by Quebec, you MUST establish in Quebec first. And if you are chosen by Canada, you cannot establish in Quebec first.

Friends of mine came to Quebec. They stayed for a little more than a year and then, for different reasons, they left for Ontario without any difficulties. I know that you can do the opposite. You could ask the Quebec immigration for more information. If you speak French, it will be easier to be chosen by Quebec.

Good luck.

Less worried husband
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I am sorry but you are incorrect. If you want to have a shorter wait and show less settlement money... you can apply to Quebec for special selection. In exchange you must stay there for a certain amount of time.

If you come under a full CIC PR you are free to settle anywhere you choose.

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if you do not speak french, Quebec might prove to be difficult. There is not much tolerance for English.
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Man read the question...

I have to visit only for conference... I mean for 2-3 days... I don´t intend to live there...

If I have PR landing docs and if I have to visit Motreal for 2-3 days; can I do it with my PR landing papers? If not will I be issued a visit visa? or do I MUST TAKE a trip elsewhere in Canada first and then fly into Montreal?

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