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Subject: how to fill the form
  hi, there r some questions(skilled worker independent category- i am a commerce graduate in india)
1. i am going to sold my house in a 6 months.what should be mailing address and residential address? should i fill my friend´s address for for correspondence ?

2. i am married and have one child of 7yrs.what amount should i fill as my funds?

3. i am commerce graduate have 10yrs experience .i helps my father in his business (turnover indian rs 10 million )but in business i am regarded as salaried person.i am income tax payee. my query is [u] how to show my experience[/u] as my area of work includes management,finance,marketing,sale and purchase,supply management and administration. please suggest me best option to mention in the form.which level A/O/B and what National occupation code should i write.

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