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Subject: Health care in Canada
  I´m just wondering how other immgrants find the quality of health care in Canada?

Having just arrived myself, I stopped by the local hospital walk-n service to check on a constant cough. I was a bit appalled by the many hours wait to see a GP, the somewhat crowded and rundown conditions, and then the quick in/out when finally called. The doctor was already in the doorway leaving before I could even ask a question.

Granted I moved (from U.S.) to a smaller city in Canada (75,000), and I may be used to the posh American clinics and hospitals. And even considering that I had to pay nothing, I´m still a bit disappointed in the rushed service and conditions. It appears this is due to the fact that my area has few doctors, many patients there are always waiting to see a doctor on a given day, only one hospital, and that the MDs have to be flown in weekly from Toronto.

As a matter of fact, there aren´t enough resident doctors in my city to be assigned to, so you have to always go to the walk-in clinic. But regardless, I am grateful for the fact that I and everyone else here have access (albeit basic) to free national health care.

Any comments or other experiences from other immigrants (or residents)?

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Health Care in Canada is quite bad when it comes to serious conditions as specialist are very few. I remember one of my friends had intestinal disorder and he had to wait for 14 months to see a specialist as his condition was not serious but required specialist intervention. And I am talking about a capital of one of the provinces of Canada. I can only imagine smaller cities.

The good thing is the emergency medical team arrives in no time when there is an emergency. The hospitals are state of the art. If a helicopter ambulance is required even that is made possible promptly.

This is just my opinion and experience. I do agree that health care in Canada sucks sometimes but everyone can get medical care which means a lot to people who are really poor.

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My experience is somewhat similar to you. Canadian free healthcare system is in serious threat. The equation of "Free" is not that sweat as it may appear.

I rememnber a day I visited my physician respeonding his call(he found something alarming in my blood level). He asked me how I´m I as usual. That day I got an insect bite and just causally told him that. He then prompty reviewed that and wrote an oinment fot that. The main purpose was totally ignored. He told me that he doesn´t have time to pay attention for more than 1 event each time. The entire visit took 7 mins. Whereas in FL, GP visit takes about more than an hr. each time.

Canadian healthcare is free, very good, easily accessible to all class. Appreciable. But doesn´t necessarily mean that it is the best. Waiting time is unthinkable. I know many citizens have to do their operations in India instead of suffering in pain for 2 years.

Few months ago a study found canadian healthcare system is the worst among all Govt. funded healthcare system.

For comparison with US Healthcare, Read here: Very Interesting.

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Thanks Shah, very interesting experience. Also thanks for comparison link, will I will take a look at it.

This confirms as you say that free health care does not always mean highest quality. But I´m not sure I like the American version, where quality is high. But only if you have a lot of money or work for a company that pays this high cost for you (through insurance).

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Yes Richard, I agree with you fully for good reasons. Canadian healthcare may not be better or best, but with some hesitation in mind, I would still prefer it as it provides at LEAST the access to a healthcare for free, for all classes.

Though, I found that in US approximately only 7/8 % don´t have any insurance, but most of them also are taken care by some kind a charity or such programs.

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More than 40% US citizens do not have any health coverage. Almost all illegal residents do not have health coverage.
Almost all US citizens making between 20K - 30K are severely under insured

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Mr. What; do a little research. Some facts that most people (specially Canadians) don´t know and talk just out of their pre-concieved notion:
1. According to the United States Census Bureau, 45.8 million Americans (15.7%) were without health insurance coverage in 2004.[7] A 2003 report by the Congressional Budget office found that many of these uninsured are uninsured only temporarily, such as between job changes. The number of chronically uninsured (uninsured all year) is somewhere between 21 and 31 million. [3] Also included in the uninsured are about 3 million children who are eligible for Medicaid but who have not been enrolled by their parents
2.A number of free clinics also exist that provide free or low-cost non-emergency care to poor, uninsured patients. The National Association of Free Clinics claims that its member clinics provide $3 billion in services to some 3.5 million patients annually.

I personally know some families who don´t have any insurance but because of their low income they even got dental care free.
USA doesn´t speak about such things so louadly to atract immigrants like Canada.

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