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Subject: Best place to live in Canada
  Guys, I will most likely move to Canada in July or August this year. I am in healthcare business development. I´ve a master´s in Health Admin. from US and am also a pharmacist (not licensed in Canada yet). I do not wanna be a pharmacist soon after I move to Canada. It is likely that I shall live in/around cities with many healthcare development Healthcare management companies etc. It is also likely that I shall think about places with Pharmaceutical companies which is my second interest. Any suggesstions/information regarding such cities in Canada shall be appreciated.

Thanks much!

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It all depends if you want to come in under the NAFTA on a work permit or a harder HRSDC authorization or as a FEDERAL SW application in two or three years.

PNP is quick but NAFTA WP is super fast.


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Roy, I am not a new aspirant. I am coming as a FSW. My ready for visa letter has been prepared and is on its way. I should decide after I receive the letter. BTW, what does a ´ready for visa´ letter´ mean?... How long could be the wait after this.


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