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Subject: Landing in Vancouver
  Hi I got my visa finally last week with the following timeline:

AOR: 13 Jan 2006
IA: 26 Oct 2006
Med done: 7 Nov 2006
PPR: 2 March 2007
Visa received: 17 March 2007
Visa Office: Buffalo

I am currently living in vancouver, and don´t have a valid US visa. I heard I can go just to the border and get landed even without a US visa.
does anybody know anything about the procedure that might help me?

I would really appreciate it

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yea I know...what you have to do is just go to the border and tell the american officer that you are here because you wanna do the landing to canada...and they will refuse your request to enter USA "normal procedure" and then you will U return to canada and do the landing thing :)

very easy...I did it like two years ago and it was nice on two hours process including the transportation.

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I am currently living in vancouver.would like to make some friends.

Thanks (in reply to: Landing in Vancouver)
Thanks for the replies, it was helpfull.
Anna, I would like to make some new friends too and will be happy to know you more.


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