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Subject: implications
  Is it better to put in an application from within Canada or out?

I will have implied status and I want to stay here in summer with my husband. However I am thinking of going home for a visit in Sept or Oct. Immigration told me I might be refused entry when I come back. I am from Singapore(I do not need a tourist visa to come in) and so I really hope that is not the case. I am just worried it´s because I was on implied status when I leave, that my application will be screwed somehow.Or that they can´t contact me. I guess it maybe a risk to go while the application is being processed.

I am prepared to come back only when I get confirmation (if I do that is)

Does anyone has any insight into what I am doing?

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If you file an inland application and you are refused re-entry to Canada, you will lose the application and have to start all over again on an outside application. The thing to remember is that your visitor status in Canada is a completely separate issue from your application for PR. Every foreign national has the right to apply for a Canadian PR visa through the country of their birth. If you apply on an overseas ap you will need to return to your home country if an interview is required, but your being admitted back into Canada or not will have no bearing on the finalization of your PR application or the granting of PR status. Not only that, but you have the right with an overseas application to appeal an unfavorable decision - something you don´t get filing inland. In my opinion there is never much advantage to a citizen of a visa-exempt country in filing inland.
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