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Subject: Question about fingerprints, medical and interview
  I see a lot of questions on fingerprints and I have a question that I haven´t seen addressed.

I am currently "visiting" Canada and staying with my fiance. We will be getting married in May, here in Canada. At that time, my visitor status will change. We are planning to apply for an extension (if the forms ever come!). I am from the East coast USA and we live on the west coast Canada. Will I have to go back East to get the fingerprinting or could I drive across the border and have them taken in any state?

Okay, so for the medical exam I know I have to go to an approved provider. Does it matter in what state?

For the interview, if I am able to get my visa extened and I am in Canada at the time when my application is being processed, what do I put for my mailing address? A lady at the local multicultural society told me that I´d put my USA address but should I if I´m actually in Canada? She said they base the interview location on the mailing address.


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You could get fingerprints taken at US embassy in Canada or by any autorized agency. Then you should send them to FBI office and follow these steps which I had posted in my previous past.

There?s a good news people.
Stop your worries regarding the long processing times to get the FI clearance. There are a few things which you should do to get the FBI clearance soon. If this info is not clear, visit the FBI website for more info.

1. Get the finger prints taken by an authorized office
2. Make sure you write a deadline on the envelope when you send your finger prints for clearance. If there is no deadline, you may write the date which comes a month after you mail your finger print request.
3. It is very important to mail the request by a service which you can track.
4. Track the shipment and after it has been received at the docking station, send an e-mail to the FBI office requesting an expedited service with the deadline. Include your name, tracking number, receiver?s name, date on which it was received.
5. Their e-mail address is
6. The last and the most important thing: DO NOT FORGET TO THANK ME AFTER YOU RECEIVE THE RESULTS IN 10 DAYS.

Good Luck ;)

I have a life....
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Hi Pepper - you need a lot of information to get you started. I´m curious as to why you think your visitor status will change when you and your fiance get married? Please email me at and I´ll try to help you sort through all the details.
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I found that you can have your fingerprints taken for FBI by commissionaires canada, if there is one local to you while inside Canada. They are an authorized fingerprinter via the RCMP. The fee here (BC) is $25.00 so I guess if you can´t get to the states to do it for free, $25.00 is not much of hardship.
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