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Subject: Lost Medical ??

We did our interview, it went well and was told to expect letter to do medical in 6 weeks time. But 3 months have passed there is no news, I checked online status a month back it shows medical sent.

I suspect the medical letter is lost in mail as the mail system here in Middle East (Arabian Gulf) is poor at times. Can anyone tell me what my options, if I dont recieve the medical, will CIC send it againif I write to them or I have I lost my chance.

Worried stiff, have come this far dont want to lose out ´cause of someone stupid mistake. Please guide me what I should do.

Thank you.

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I think you should write a letter to CIC, informing that you haven´t recd medical papers yet, though e-cas says medical sent and your fear it might be lost in mail. so write a letter and again highlight your mailing address etc.
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Thanks KK, I have already written and sent the letter by courier, tensed up what their reaction will be..you know what I mean.
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Dear salma
could you please tell me that you mean e-case client check because i made the medicals but nothing changed (in process ) and only interview date shown which i done

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