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Subject: Canadian police clearance
do i need a Canadian police clearance or will they conduct their own checks.I am being sponsored by my common-law partner and our application is from outside Canada. I am currently living with my partner in Canada on a work permit and have been here for nearly a year.
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A friend of mine was asked to submit a Canadian police clearance. But this was about 2 years ago. I dont know if the rules are same now. Besides, if you are in Canada, it is not too hard to get a police clearance.
Success achieved!!
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Do not provide RCMP check at this time as some people are not asked for it at all.
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Thanks for this guys. The Canadian police clearance takes 120 days. It´s the longest waiting period I´ve found for this process. I even got the finger prints done.

Anyway, thanks again.

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My advise is to do the RCMP fingerprint whatever they ask for it or not because if they asked for it, this will delay your file for 4 months. Nobody told me this and now I am waiting for the results of the RCMP. By the way do you know if the processing time is different if it was done electroniacally ?
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the process cannot be expedited. if anything, you´ll probably save the postage time... but i think thats about it.

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