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Subject: Masters degree requested
I had applied under Worker class and am asked for my Masters degree when i got my Medicals. I finished my medicals and wrote to CIC saying that i will provide my degree once i complete within 90 days. Now recently i got a letter asking me to provide the Masters degree within 60 days and told that failing to provide will result in rejection., but i know i will take another 5 or 6 months to complete. And from my caips i found the i got 66 points and i have 14 points for my English proficiency which i claimed by my ielts score. Can anyone help me if i can ask them to give time to provide my masters degree which is about 6 months time to take ielts again so i may get 16. Can anyone give some suggestions?

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My experience and from what others have shared is to communicate with them directly and honestly. I would send an email explaining the situation exactly as you have here. Questions and concerns emailed to them (i.e. consulate processing your application) always are researched and usually provide reasonable results.

Others may want to comment as well.

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What immigration officer did in your case, he considered the possibility of you completing Master´s by the time you finish the immigration process. Now you have to show him that you will indeed complete it.

Do what Richard has said and also provide them a letter from your department stating that you will finish your degree within such and such time.

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Anonymous is right. Remember if you notified on your application that you will complete your Masters before your immigration process is finished. The immigration officers generally are understanding but of late they are being strict with the deadlines. I dont want to scare you but want you to know the fact. You should be truthful and very sure when you say you will meet a particular deadline. For sure, communicate with them directly and honestly and request more time and hope for the best.

Good luck!

Success achieved!!
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Thanks for all your suggestions, i will write a letter saying the present conditions and lets see what happens.
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