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Subject: Received passport reqest
  Hi everyone,
just like to share a good news with you all. This is a wonderful site with an ocean of information, wit, fun, anger, desperation, hope, eagerness, knowledge, and more...
Just a few weeks ago, I was desperate, then I became hopeful; then I had a life and all the funny names I could think of...
This website made my life much easy. I wish to thank all those who gave me information. I do not want to name a few lest I should offend others. Likewise, I tried to help anyone I could with the information I could provide.

I received my visa approval letter last night requesting me to send my passport. So, finally the long wait is almost over.

So, all those out there, desperate, almost hopeless people looking for help and answers... I advise you not to lose hope. All things happen for a reason. Recommend this website to anyone who wishes to immigrate to Canada.

I finally see the light and I know everyone will...Just be patient.

Good luck to you all. I am not leaving this website. I will be around.

Success achieved!!
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could you please share your timeline ?

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IA May 2005
File moved from Buffalo to Detroit March 2006
Medical examination request September 2006
Need more documents ( US degrees, FBI etc.) September 2006
Med. Results received October 2006
FBI clearance received February 2007
Ready for Visa Letter received by me March 27th 2007

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Congrats !!

Some inspiration for waiting & frustrated souls here

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Can you please tell the date by which you are requested to send passports for stamping?
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I received the PPR on 9th March, in the letter they gave us 60 days to respond back with PP´s and photographs.


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