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Subject: I am done
  I thought this forum would be a good place to share similar experiences and to help one another. For the most part it is true. I have met some very wonderful people and I will continue to consider them my friends. Raj, Menino, Romantic Warrior - I have been honoured by your honesty with me and I have tried very hard to be honest with you. I will always help you any way I can. Unfortunately among the genuine seekers of information are the users, fruitcakes and social zeros. If these people are legitimate immigration applicants I am very distressed. The most alarming participants are the Canadian contributors that think the world owes them something. Get over it!

I thought contributing where I could on this forum would help me wait out the long process for my fiance´s visa in a positive way. Instead it has frustrated me beyond imagination. I think it is best that I exit this exercise.

To those who hope Canada will give them a better future - I genuinely hope and pray that you are not disappointed. Canada has a lot to offer for those who are not afraid to work hard and be open to what is around them. For those who continually complain about anything and everything - stay where you are ...believe it or not immigration is the easy part.

Canada is a great country. It has offered my family a wonderful opportunity. We have been here 3 generations but we still consider ourselves immigrants. Canada is not perfect but I still consider it the best place on earth to live.

Good luck to all of you.

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ooooohoooo.... Party.... when cat´s away the mice play...
I am not done (in reply to: I am done)
We will be all done one day.
I, however, will still try to help others because they helped me, and I feel that I owe at least that much.
I don´t take offenses personally as whether you like it or not there will be always some ignorant people who will for some reason (which is beyond me) try to make someone elses life harder. In any case, I will still need help and will continue to provide help as much as it is in my domain of knowledge in immigration field and as much as time permits.


Sam B.
Peace Sister.... (in reply to: I am done)

Unfortunately you were trying to bring more controversy to the forum - rather than bring in answers to factual questions. I mean one has right to express - but that is not what this forum is all about. We want answers to questions on immigration to Canada and not hear about how you feel about your spouse or the get into controversy about the immigration minister of Canada or about your opinion on why Canadian immigration system requires overhauling.

Three days and no one will miss your exit. The strength of this forum is that it does not function because of ?A? person, but effort of all. I mean if you value the foursome party and exchange of thoughts, you can exchange emails and do that; why try and change the purpose and goal of this forum


Peace sister?

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To be honest I didn´t read all your words well, actually I have no time at all these days. I even don´t see my kids despite they are in the next room but all understood is that you want to go for good. Why is that??? we are all here freinds, sisters, brothers sharing alot of feelings. It is okkk that some people have done and said bad words but this happenes anywhere. U hvae always been the spicey of this forum so plz go on that role and never stop. I suggest u decrease your level of contribution instead of leaving and don´t be like little girls who get offenesed then leave the whole camel for others.

God bless u

Romantic Warrior
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I feel I would be particularly well-suited to get assistance in the presence of this forum and you. In my position as what is my feeling, it?s a perfect helpful forum and people like you.

My experience in working with in this forum in the last weeks has given me broad experience in combining technical accuracy and understanding, with the help you people put together. Since our discussion current lacking of people skills in the immigration processing, I even more eager to bring a sense of cooperation to the objective and a willingness to work with together on subsequent smooth updates until we have a winning proposal in hand.

I want to see what I can do to improve the immigration information for this forum and I am eager to hear what they decide in all the member?s cases and I know we will all work hard to ensure this forum is a success in providing up-to-date information.

Wish you all the best of luck man!

Salman Ahmed Qureshi
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Hi Sharon,
I agree with you that there are ignorants out there but that is the case everywhere you go. Just don´t let it get to you. Don´t even reply to them because it is a waste of time and energy. Keep using this energy to help the ones who need it. People says stupid things on the internet but they are just cowards that use the internet because they can´t face people in real life and it makes them feel good to be naughty!

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dude... no one person owns the net... that is why it is so popular... I agree with the dude above... lil sister was all over the forum doing nothing but give out personal say... I mean let her do to her dude over phone or letter or email... why use space on this forum...

as dude says peace lil sister and u bro..

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who wants to only read stupid questions about waiting times and filling out forms. those answers are found on the CIC sites. this website is an immigration FORUM and DISCUSSION not a Q&A site so why is someone´s insight not welcome?
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Oh Sharon!! I am going to cry for 10 days in a row if you leave this forum. YOu will leave without marrying me...
Don´t leave please!!! My bid now is 100,000 american.

We did it....
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Dear Sharon,

During my short relation with this forum, I noticed that you have been an active, open minded and honest person.
You have provided many persons in this place with the necessary assistance regarding their efforts to immigrate to Canada, and answered a lot of their questions and inquiries.
Since I believe that you are a basic player in this esteemed forum, I hereby request you to stay and keep displaying the great image of Canada for everybody.
I strongly believe that Canada is a great country. This conviction did not come from emptiness; many facts have accumulated and confirmed it in my mind.
Now, I completely believe that Canada is a great nation because it has - in addition to its other components - a wonderful people like you Sharon.
I wish you all the best in your life, please keep on.

God bless you.

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Sharon dear,

What is your assurance that you are indeed out in this forum? We are not really that gullible as you might think. Maybe the name "Sharon" will be gone but it doesn´t mean that the person bearing this name will be gone for good. Pls. don´t try to fool us with your "heartbreaking" parting words. If your done, you´re done then there´s nothing more to say. If you are trying to solicit for sympathy from us, count me out.