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Subject: Updates of Documents
  Hi, I am the principal applicant and we have applied our FSW here in Vienna. My husband was granted Austrian Citizenship last week while waiting for our application for Canada. Do i need to inform the Vienna office immediately or wait for the initial assessment of our documents and together we will submit it....Will it affect the waiting time once we submit first the citizenship(papers)of my husband?It´s almost 9 mos. now since we applied(FSW) and in our AOR states that we have to wait 12 mos. or more.. Many thanks..
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I think you have to wait for IA.

No it will not affect you r citizen ship.

ayh you have to wait for ur IA (12 months or more)

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I believe - you should inform consulate office and send photocopy of your passport so that they will have correct information in their system.
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