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Subject: Single entry transit visa
  I got a transit visa to go to drive up to Quebec in mid-July 2004. I want to go again for New Year´s this year. I read somewhere on the visa guidelines that I can use a single-entry transit visa multiple times as long as I stay in Canada and US and don´t go anywhere else within the specified time that the customs officer stamp on the visa upon entering Canada. I haven´t been out of the US since going to Quebec in July. However, I do not see a valid until date on the stamp that the custom officer put on my passport. Can I use this visa again?

In contrast, I also went to Quebec in October 2003, and the customs officer stamped my passport put V - avril 2004. She also signed "HB" on it. What does "HB" mean?


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not transit visa --- Temporary resident visa (visitor)
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