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Subject: Citizenship says advice was incorrect
  damn this process.
I called to get the Open work permit forms and was told that I couldnt get one. ASked fo rthe PR forms and told that I cant get one unless my partner is on a skilled work visa which we can apply for when he has 4 months left on his Bunac working holiday maker. THEN once i get that skilled working visa we can start applying for a PR.

4 months left on a visa seems awfully risky incase it gets sent back and we have to alter it or get rejected then partner has to go back to UK away from me and daughter. lady on the phone from immigration said these work visas only take, at the moment, 19 days but doent know what they will be at 8 months down the line but shouldn´t be too much longer then what they are now.

I really wish i could have got this sorted asap so we could just start living our lives and stop worring about whether or not we´ll be able to be together.
Anyways. Thanks for all your help everyone. an dif anyone knows a good citizenship counsellor in south western ontario let me know.

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I even gave you the form number so now click on this Link

This should be done with your IN Status marriage application forms found here

I hope you do everything correctly.

Make sure the TWO of you answer the non-numbered bold question at the end of your questionnaires!!!!


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so in part in when ryan answers no for question 2 (ecauses hes not a PR or citizen ) it´ll not go through...
I was told that I cant apply for PR unless he´s on a Skilled worker visa which we can apply for when theres is 4 months left on his Working holiday maker then once we get the skilled worker visa we can apply for PR and THEN we can do the like that you sent to me

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