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Subject: Canadian Who Is Long Time US Resident To Come Home
  I was born in Canada and have grown up most of my life in the US. I have always had a dream to move back home. I´m 27 years old, married (with no kids) and ready to start thinking about when/how/where to move back to Canada.

My wife is American and while she is open to the idea, she is concerned about the difference between the US and Canada, and to be honest, I know next to nothing about work life, health care, citizen´s rights, pay, taxes, etc.

At this point, I´m looking for any and all discussion about what we can expect moving back to Canada. We currently live in Seattle which is a pretty big city and we´ll likely move to a big city in Canada. I´ve always been fond of Calgary, but we´re also looking on the East Coast (Toronto or Montr?al)

Will my wife have any trouble immigrating? I think in the beginning she´ll be happy just being able to work with the possibility of citizenship coming later once she´s decide Canada isn´t all that bad.

I´ve always thought of Canada as everything good from the US with much less crap (including our current president, but to be honest, that´s only a small motivator to a life-long dream), but I don´t really know that for sure.

Here are some of the questions I have, if someone has a website or experience, please take a few minutes to respond:

1) What can I expect in the immigration process for me (being a Canadian and my wife being an American)?

2) What can I expect in terms of the job market? (I´m in IT/Software) If off-shoring a big concern in Canada? Will it become one in the next 5 years? Are IT companies hiring? I understand that salaries are much less, but I can I assume that cost of living is equally less?

3) What can I expect in terms of "life adjustment"? We spent a lot of time in Canada each year. Mostly Vancouver/Vancouver Island, but I´ve lived in Edmonton and Calgary and I always thought it was very similar to the US.

4) Are there any sort of financial adjustments? i.e. Are mortgages harder to get in Canada? Are taxes much higher? I realize there will be some minor differences, but I´m looking for big differences.

5) Are there any good jobs websites and housing websites so I can find out what the equivalent of house would cost in our target city? Is there a good website that talks about each city and the Pros and Cons about life in that city?

6) Are there any tips you can provide for someone in my situation?

7) Finally, sorry I know I have a lot of questions, if you have any info or stories that might make my wife feel a little less worried about this decision, I would really appreciate it.

Thanks to all who reply!

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